Five items to prevent Malaria

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases on the planet, claiming over a half a million lives every year. Children and expectant mothers are the most common victims, especially in Africa.

The best way to go about Malaria is to focus more on prevention, rather than treatment. Finding cure is very important, especially since the Plasmodium virus—which is responsible for causing the disease—can mutate against medication. The reason as to why prevention is should get more focus is because it is a much more sustainable solution and far easier to implements with the right kind of knowledge.

Without any further ado, here are some of the best items that can be used to keep Malaria at bay.

Malaria preventive measures

If you are looking to avoid contracting Malaria, then all you have to do is find ways to keep mosquitoes away.

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Using a mosquito net is one of the most practical ways to prevent malaria. All you need is a net, constructed to hang a top of your bed and cover it. In turn, it prevents Mosquitoes outside your bed. In the morning, when the sun is up, mosquitoes go into hiding because of the UV rays.


It is commonly known that Mosquitoes lay their eggs and hatch young ones in wet areas. If you happen to have potholes in your compound and have stagnant water from heavy rains or some other means, then it is crucial that you pour some oil over it. Because of oil floats on top of the water, it makes it impossible for the mosquito eggs to access oxygen, hence disrupting the life cycle.

Lawn mower

Cutting grass and making sure that it is well leveled will ensure that you have fewer insects within your compound, including Mosquitoes. Getting a lawn mower will help you prevent Malaria because Mosquitoes are known to hide in tall grass during the day to stay away from the sun.


Although not the best-recommended way, the use of insecticides has shown to be effective. They are used to kill these disease-causing insects. The downside of using pesticides is that it is a chemical solution, which can be deadly to young children.

Proper clothing

Wearing trousers, socks and long sleeve shirts will prevent mosquitoes from biting. This is a good way to minimize the bites, right before going to bed. This is a hint that you should get pajamas with long sleeves.